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Name a Star Gift Box

Name a Star Gift Box
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Price: £18.99
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Model: Name a Star
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Only a small number of stars in our sky actually have names allocated to them; the majority are nameless and are distinguished by their catalogue number only.

Your gift box contains the details of one of these unnamed stars that is ready for naming by you.

On your Star Details Form is information about your star; two of these references being your star’s Right Ascension and Declination. These are the co-ordinates that relate to the exact position of your star in the sky. Just use these co-ordinates and the instructions on your ‘5 Steps to Locating Your Star’ sheet to find the exact location of your star on the huge wall map enclosed.

Naming your star is easy; you can either complete the process online or fill in and return the lower section of your Star Registration Form.

You are required to enter your star name, your contact and delivery details.

This is then entered into the Star Registry and you are sent a certificate confirming your star registration.

This information will then be periodically submitted to the British Library.


  • An out of this world gift
  • Details of one unique gift enclosed that is ready for naming
  • A great booklet about stars and astronomy
  • Find your star on the huge wall map enclosed
  • Easy to follow star naming instructions
  • Register your details either online or by returning the Star Naming Instructions form inside your gift box.
  • See your star name stored at the British Library.
  • After registration receive an ornate certificate displaying your star name

A touching gift idea… a star named after you for eternity


Can I call my star anything I choose? Yes, there are no restrictions with star name choice.

How long does it take to receive my confirmation certificate? This depends on how you choose to register your star. If you register online then you will receive your star confirmation certificate within 10 working days. If you fill out and return your form by post then this period of time is slightly increased to 28 days from when the form is received by Gift Republic.

How long do I have to register my gift? Your gift code expires 12 months after the date of purchase so you have 12 months in which to register your gift.

Disclaimer: This gift does not grant legal ownership or title to a star. It is the enduring and personal sentiment behind this gift that is significant. Neither Gift Republic nor Cole Retail can alter the name of well-known stars. The chosen star name will not necessarily be recognised by any scientific organisation or by astronomers and Gift Republic and Cole Retail can accept no liability for this. Star names are published in the Gift Republic Star Registry which is stored in a secure location. A record of the Registry is periodically submitted to the British Library to ensure public accessibility and preservation. This is a novelty gift item and must be regarded as such.

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Name a Star Gift Box
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